You Somebody


Welcome to You Somebody, the world of Pua “Ma” Lusa. Wildly over the top, Ma Lusa is determined to make up for her own less than successful stage career. She embarks on a zany quest to make her family famous. All she wants is her name is the column- specifically Wayne Harada’s column- a sure sign (she thinks) that she has “made it”. Watch as Ma and her family weave through a series of misguided, always hilarious attempts to win a contest, any contest- from pageants to keiki hula, from karaoke to ukulele- always thwarted by the perfect, talented Baga family.

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Directed & Choreographed By

John Rampage


Musical Direction By

John Kolivas


Written By

Lee Cataluna


Music & Lyrics By

Keola Beamer


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    July 13 – July 29, 2007

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