The Drowsy Chaperone


The Drowsy Chaperone begins with the audience being greeted by the narrator, Man in the Chair, sitting on a darkened stage. He is a fan of vintage musicals who seems to be suffering from the blues, and he quickly decides to cheer things up by playing a record of the original cast recording of a (fictional) Broadway musical entitled “The Drowsy Chaperone”. No sooner has the needle touched the record than we, together with the narrator, are transported to a 1928 Broadway theater and into a play-within-a‐play crammed full of every cliché, gag and gimmick from the golden age of musicals.


Continental Airlines

Sheraton Waikiki Hotel

Indru & Gulab Watumull

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Directed & Choreographed By

James Patterson

Musical Direction By

Phil Hidalgo


Music And Lyrics By

Lisa Lambert

Greg Morrison


Book By

Bob Martin

Don McKellar


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    September 25 – October 11, 2009

1 Interpreted & Described Performance

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