The 2014 – 2015 Season

Welcome to our 100th season!  

We are so pleased to welcome you to our 100th season!  Did you know that in addition to being 100 years old, Diamond Head Theatre is the third oldest continuously operating community theatre in the whole United States?!  

So, how did we get to this milestone?  Well, the theatre company started as “The Footlights” in 1915, founded by members of the early missionary families.  In 1932, the name changed to “Honolulu Community Theatre” and the theatre thrived right through the war years, particularly World War II, where unlike many theatres on the mainland, HCT actually became busier, due to the presence of the armed forces.  

HCT performed in many different locations all over Honolulu during its first 50 years and then in 1952, an Army movie house at Fort Ruger became the theatre’s home.  With the move into a permanent building, HCT grew in leaps and bounds, becoming more professional with fully-realized sets and costumes.  

Despite that evolution, however, we remained (and still are) first and foremost a community theatre…by and for the community.  Our name change to Diamond Head Theatre in 1990, though heralding a new era, did not change that very important distinction.  

Each year more than 40,000 people enjoy our shows, over 1,200 students take classes, and almost 600 volunteers from keiki to kupuna help us present Honolulu’s best theatre. Join all of us for season #100!

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All auditions for Diamond Head Theatre productions, unless otherwise specified, are held in the DHT Rehearsal Hall.

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