Peter Pan


Peter Pan, like its namesake, is a tale which never ages. Children and adults alike have all fallen under the spell of Neverland, a place where children can fly, and exciting and frightening, adventures happen every single day. Peter is a boy who won’t grow up, instead spending his days battling pirates and Indians and avoiding Captain Hook. One day Peter loses his shadow and flies into the home of Wendy whom he convinces to fly with him to Neverland. Peter’s trusty companion, Tinkerbell, however, sees trouble ahead!

Musical Highlights

“I Won’t Grow Up”; “I’m Flying”.


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More Information

Directed & Choreographed By

Greg Zane


Musical Direction By

Emmett Yoshioka


Musical Based On The Play By

James M. Barrie


Music By

Mark Charlap


Lyrics By

Carolyn Leigh


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    September 26 - October 12, 2008

1 Interpreted & Described Performance

2 The "Talk Back" begins after the performance. Discussions are free of charge, and one need not attend that day's performance to participate.