Barefoot in the Park


After a six day honeymoon, a spanking new lawyer, who has just won his first case, and his young bride, who is as pretty and addled as they come, move into the new, high rent apartment that she has chosen for them. But the difficulty is, in order to enjoy the charming character of this apartment; one has to climb six wheezing flights. And the apartment is absolutely bare of furniture, the paint job came out all wrong, the skylight leaks snow, and there isn't room for a double bed. The situation is enough to break the heart and burst the lungs of any stylish young lawyer; and indeed it does, on the night he flatly refuses to join his wife in a barefoot walk through the snow in the park.



Central Pacific Bank

Hawaii Self Storage

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Directed By

Rob Duval


A Comedy By

Neil Simon


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    February 1 – February 17, 2008

1 Interpreted & Described Performance

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