Peter Shaffer’s play Amadeus is partly based on the composers Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri, but the play takes a large amount of poetic license and is more focused on entertainment than verifiable fact. At the beginning of the play an elderly Salieri speaks to the audience about his belief that he killed Mozart with poison and then explains his reasons. Salieri was initially impressed by Mozart's compositions. His excitement about meeting Mozart turned to disappointment when he discovered that Mozart's behavior and personal life did not have the grace and dignity of his music. Salieri is upset that God would give the gift of the ability to compose beautiful music to someone who lived their life in opposition to Catholic teachings. Salieri renounced God and begins his plot to destroy Mozart. He pretends to be Mozart's friend while plotting against him. After Mozart's death Salieri attempts suicide and leaves a note saying that he poisoned Mozart, but he survives and nobody believes his note.

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Directed By

Bill Ogilvie


A Play By

Peter Shaffer


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    February 6 – February 22, 2004

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